Pier At Nantucket Island On A Sunny Day

The Town Pier on Nantucket Island

“The Town Pier on Nantucket Island”

The day we visited the pier on Nantucket Island was nothing but sun and beautiful weather.  I was actually on the island on business as I was visiting one my day traders that I teach via the Day Trading Academy.  It was actually an entire tour of traders I was visiting from Canada all the way to Italy.  He happened to tell me at a seminar that he was planning on quitting his job because he was doing so well day trading and I told him that I had to be there for that moment.  While it was a short trip we spent time together day trading, eating, and working out. He was a great host and cooks an incredible set of ribs. Congrats again to you Nikolai!

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  1. My old stomping ground (sailing) – Nantucket Sound, moored in Nantucket harbor.

    Thanks for triggering all the memories: beyond sailing – blue fishing, clamming, oystering, the night life – not sure I could handle all food, booze, sun – at this stage of life.


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