Panoramic View of the Iguazu Falls: Argentina

iguazu falls

Welcome to the Iguazu Falls in Argentina!  Many people don’t realize the size of the Iguazu Falls until they actually see the entire park.  What you are looking at above is a picture from the lower trail on the Argentina side of the falls.  This is also where you are able to access the boat ride that actually takes you into the falls, nothing like the easy ride around the Niagara Falls.  The bread and butter of the Iguazu Falls is being able to see the devil’s throat where you stand right above the cliff of the falls, click here to see the video!

Click here to see more pictures of the Iguazu Falls & check out the top 5 section for more things to do in Iguazu Falls & around the world.


  1. Haven’t been able to hit the falls yet, but maybe March. They look amazing! When you find yourself in BA come on a Day Clicker Photo Tour and we can get some great street life shots.

  2. Hi Marcello,
    I came across your blog while I was researching Machu Picchu. I am visiting multiple places in South America come December. I also have plans to see Iguazu Falls. Have you seen them from the Brazil side or the Argentina side? I would like to get some opinions of which side to see them on, though I hear both are incredible. Thanks in advance. Your blog is so interesting! You live a beautiful life

    1. I have seen them from both sides. It is worth going to the Brazil side because of the helicopter ride. Amazing to see it from high above the air. Thanks for the notes about the blog Shayla 🙂

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