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Architecture in Asuncion, Paraguay

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The architecture in Paraguay, similar to many countries in South America, is a remnance of a the beauty that once was in South America.  Many cities in the southern continent are now falling apart due to negligence, corruption, and lack of maintenance.  I can compare a few countries that fit into this category alongside Asuncion including […]

Presidential Palace In Asuncion, Paraguay

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The Presidential Palace in Paraguay was quite nice.  There was an intense amount of security in the area as just a few feet there was a Brazilian Favela.  Along the main tourist route you could see a bunch of security guards.  Its ironic because in most countries that have this kind of security tourists think […]

Reggae Concert In Asuncion, Paraguay

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I really love it when I see cultures resonate through other cultures.  We have seen this extensively in the world with American culture.  Jamaican Reggae has also resonated through the world with its laid back music.  Reggae music can be found through Europe, (Alborosie-on of my favs), and even through Brazil (Nati-Ruts).  I met a […]

Bodyguards in Paraguay

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I think this describes my visit to Asuncion, Paraguay.  As you walk around you will see a lot of poverty on the streets, especially along the tourist trail.  Security guards are very serious and don’t take an ounce of slack, especially if you are trying to get close to the presidential palace to take better […]


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Not many people go to Paraguay and the main is reason is because the country is overlooked with the likes of Argentina, Peru, and even Brazil.  First I would like you to guess what the vehicle was carrying.  Rice.  Why would you need so much security for rice?  I honestly dont know because I was […]

The Brazilian Favela

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If you didn’t know in Brazil they have specialized swat teams that enter the favelas since its so dangerous.  Brazil will be hosting the 2014 World Cup as well as Olympics in 2016, they are furiously cracking down on drug lords and gangs (see video here –> Brazil Favela Video).  I found this area unusual […]

Photo Story-A flight to Paraguay

flying argentina to paraguay

Most people dont realize the actual size of Argentina.  In terms of land mass, Argentina is in the top 10 largest countries in the world with a population of only 39 million people and is also the 2nd largest country in South America. Great shot of the clouds and the river.  You could also feel […]