Photo Story-A flight to Paraguay

flying argentina to paraguay

First site of the Argentine Coast from the plane

Most people dont realize the actual size of Argentina.  In terms of land mass, Argentina is in the top 10 largest countries in the world with a population of only 39 million people and is also the 2nd largest country in South America.

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Second shot of the River

Great shot of the clouds and the river.  You could also feel the sun scorching your skin through the double plated air pressurized glass.

Sky Pictures, pictures from airplane

Sky High!

Love this pic, I regretfully inform you that I could not get this without the wing tip on the left.  Like actually need that wing tip to fly the airplane…..

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Great shot of the river

I was hoping that we would fly over the famous Iguazu Falls to get a good shot of the waterfalls.  That was a NO GO.


Argentina: Paved Roads Paraguay: DIRT ROADS!

Compare this picture to the first picture on the page.  This is the first shot of Paraguay as we were pulling into the city and you can see all of the orange everywhere.  Thats clay, as in dirt and clay roads.  This really does tell you a lot about the economic situation in Paraguay.

Paraguay visa, paraguay forms

Embarkation? Really? Embarkation?

I just think this is hysterical… Embarkation? Who translates their OFFICIAL GOVERNMENT DOCUMENTS?

Paraguay International Airport

The massive international airport

The airport is literally the size of some large houses in the states, I can say that they were pretty efficient.  One fun fact: Plane to Paraguay was completely empty, plan to Argentina from Paraguay was completely full.

Paraguay money, Paraguay currency

Im a millionaire! Who said it cant be done overnight?

A good shot of the funny money in Paraguay.  You should visit you could be a overnight millionaire too.


  1. You know i was watching your post about Paraguay, definitely you have something against the country, right? All the places when you’ve gone are the worst and you only show the worst and ugliest things.. I’m very dissapointed because i always read you posts. You’re always making comparation with argentina or brazil, i think you never went to the worst places of those countries, in paraguay you only show worst places and tell bad things about it. It’s the same when i went to Los Angeles on vacation i saw the beautiful hollywood, but i didn’t see the reality of the ugly, poor and dirty Skid Rod.

    1. I never meant to do that Chloe.. I have tons of pictures about Paraguay but haven’t written extensively about it as I have been busy writing about other countries. Sadly.. Asuncion is in very bad disrepair in comparison to places like Buenos Aires or even Uruguay. Paraguay is known in South America for the delivery of any stolen cars and most stolen cars in the region do end up there. In addition to that, all electronics that fail quality control are sent to Paraguay as well. Sadly… it is a true story with Paraguay. That is not to say that the country doesn’t have beautiful things but that is the case unfortunately.

  2. Love the aerial photos, good shots.The more I read about other people’s travels to south America the more interested i feel about visiting that country. It certainly has a lot to see. (becoming an overnight millionaire also has a certain appeal!)

  3. Except for the part where “mil” means “thousand”, not million.
    Just give a more positive spin on the country (from the view of an expat in the country):
    Paraguay is a beautiful country, and if you are willing to overlook some of the disrepair in parts of Asuncion, it has a lot to offer. If you stay in Asuncion, you can visit at least six other towns (the towns with the traditional culture and crafts) for $1.00 for a round trip on the city bus. You can travel to three big cities for about $70 round trip…It’s great for the budget and it’s beautiful. Not to mention very, very safe. The guards may carry AK-47’s, but they don’t really need them. Two single females can safely move around the main part of the city, even after dark.
    You can’t really say that about a country like Brazil.

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