The Bright Avoidance At The Festival Of Laughs: Montreal, Canada

Montreal Festival of Laughs

My second day in Montreal left be in awe.  When you think of Canada and United States you really dont think of “culture”.  At least not the culture that you see in South America and Europe.  There are pockets in both countries that provide some culture but nothing like Quebec.  Montreal showed me a completely different side of Canada & I loved every second of it.

This event was during one of the nights where we randomly found the Festival of Laughs and it was quite an event as you can see above.  Canadians definitely come out in the summer since they are hiding most of the winter!

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  1. Im always fascinated with the festivals of Montreal. Although i wasn’t able to attend a festival of laughs, i was able to drop by the Just for Laughs Museum in Montreal. I’m looking forward to the upcoming Maple Syrup festival!

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