The Colosseum in Rome


The Colosseum in Rome

“The Colosseum in Rome”

The Colosseum in Rome is one of the things in the world that you cannot describe in person.  There is that burning desire to see it because of it grandeur and glory.  The history of the Roman Empire is covered in detail across our history books like many few things are.  After visiting roughly 80 countries and seeing countless tourist attractions there are a handful of places that make you stop in your tracks and just stare.  Mouth wide open with an endless emptiness of thoughts the Colosseum is Rome is truly a spectacle.  The view you see above is just above the subway (metro) station where one can get a great glimpse of this icon of the glorious Roman Empire.

Tip:  Visit later in the day when there are less people and the sun hits the structure just right. I visited three different times to make sure I caught the right light. This picture was actually taken with my cell phone (Samsung Galaxy S3)

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