Scenes From The Flanders Festival in Ghent, Belgium

A great mix of culture & music, the Flanders Festival in Ghent is something to be witnessed.  I absolutely loved the people & there is something for everyone in Ghent, Belgium.  I find the country to be extremely underrated compared to its neighbors and the festival was nothing short of amazing.

This shot below is a stage where, what would end up being one of my favorite artists, appeared and gave a hell of a performance. A Portuguese artist which names escapes me (will upload tons of video) at the moment, it was great to see that I could actually understand her being that I just came back from Brazil.

Stage at the Flanders Festival

One of my first views of the city of Ghent when I first arrived in Belgium.  This picture alone I think describes the simplicity and the beauty of the city.

City of Ghent, Belgium

The drummers absolutely “tore the house down”!

Drummers At The Flanders Festival

Flanders Festival

Ghent, Belgium

Church in Belgium

 Flanders Festival Events

Belgian Parking Lot

Flanders Festival Signs


  1. Well, Gent is indeed a hidden diamond of Europe, therefore it is so beautiful to discover it for yourself. The city was an unofficial capital of Europe 500 years ago, with a population larger than Paris. So, taking into account almost no war demolitions made last centuries, it preserves the medieval nature as no city in Europe did.
    Great photos!
    The most amazing is the local atmosphere during summer and autumn festivals here – young, open and 250 sorts of beer!

    Simply my favorite choice from here, from Eindhoven, when we need to bring friends to see something beautiful.

  2. We fell in love with Gent over the holidays, it will likely be the next city we live in! It looks great in summer but over Christmas time with the lights and markets – amazing! Great pics, great site!

  3. Great shots! Thank you so much for reminding me of the wonderful time in Ghent! I was there for the rehearsals for another music festival where I performed in Bruges, and had a few quick hours to look around.

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