Sicily Pictures

The Intricate Marble Counter-Palermo, Sicily

intricate marble counter

    The cathedrals in Palermo are some of the nicest in all of Sicily.  I couldn’t find the name of the church where I found this marble counter because it was when I turned a corner and just found a massive steel door that I walked into.  It was very near all of the […]

The Greek Temple of Hera-Selinunte, Sicily

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  The Greek Temple of Hera in Selinunte is one of the most impressive temples that I have ever seen!  The historic site is absolutely massive and I was actually able to climb on top of this temple.  You can see the ruins in the picture on the right hand side but what you can’t […]

The Greek Temple of Segesta-Sicily

segesta temple, sicily greek temples, doric temple segesta, greek temple

The Greek Temple in Segesta is a site where you can view the gorgeous Greek Temple above as well as an amphitheater high on the mountain where you can get an incredible view of the Sicilian countryside.  If you didn’t know Sicily has some of the best Greek Temples in the world.  Segesta in unique in that […]

The Lonely Castle: Sicily, Italy

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This is a picture that was taken on a drive from the Sicilian city of Catania to Siracusa.  This castle was literally in the middle of nowhere.  I use to drive to Siracusa everyday to go to school and on the first drive this castle appeared in the middle of nowhere.  There is still to […]

The Streets of Taormina, Sicily

pictures of Taormina, pictures of sicily

Taormina is a tourist trap by any means.  There are tourist shops at every corner and while the streets and architecture are incredible to see, the only other thing to see in the city is a Greek Theater that gives an incredible view of Mount Etna.  Its also about an hour away from Forza d’Agro […]

Mount Etna: Taormina, Sicily

Greek Theater at Taormina Sicily

This is one of the best views for Mount Etna, as you drive take some Sicily travel advice and avoid killer sheep.  Taormina is a very touristic town about 45 minutes to an hour away from Catania (there is a major international airport in Catania Sicily).  The city is also about half hour away from […]