The Incredible Rooftop Pool In Singapore

Rooftop Pool in Singapore

“Rooftop Pool in Singapore”

The rooftop pool in Singapore is one of the many man made objects that makes Singapore what it is.  What Singapore lacks in natural tourist attractions they create them.  This infinity pool and the Merlion (Mermaid + Lion) statue just across the water have become the icons of the small city state.  Living overseas in Singapore allowed me to explore quite a bit.  One thing a tourist must know is that the policy of allowing visitors to the rooftop infinity pool have changed and now only patrons of the hotel are allowed to visit.  Even if you can only afford to stay a night or two I would highly recommend it. There is also a drive a Lamborghini attractions inside the hotel.   More pictures of the rooftop pool in Singapore and video will be coming soon!

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  1. Just found your site, glad you came to Singapore too. Have fun in travelling Marcello and thanks for sharing your pictures and trading experiences.

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