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Somaliland Shillings: Somaliland

Money in Somaliland

This was one of the unique things about visiting Somaliland and one of the most common things that you will see as well. One dollar equals roughly 5000 Somaliland shillings, everyone does accept US dollars but when you pay for something and receive Shillings as change you’re going to get a massive amount of Shillings […]

Gas Station in Somaliland


Things aren’t that developed in Somaliland, even the capital has mostly dirt roads instead of paved roads.  When you drive out of the capital and to the coast it becomes even more rural and these areas haven’t been developed at all.  The gas station above is on the drive from the Hargeisa (capital of Somaliland) […]

Sunset Over the City of Hargeisa, Somaliland

sunset, sunset picture, sunset somaliland

There is a lot of hidden beauty in Somaliland and seeing this sunset was one of those things that you can’t forget.  I saw this sunset on the last day that I was in Somaliland, just after I purchased my Somali tea, once we reached the top level of a local hotel near the market. […]

The Somaliland Countryside


There is something very unique about the countryside in Somaliland,  the baron desert where camels roam has a very unique feel to it.  There was even a hysterical afro truck that we passed along the way which I will be posting soon.  This mountain (or hill) range stretches all the way from Somaliland to Ethiopia. […]

MIG in Hargeisa, Somaliland

MIG in Hargeisa, Somaliland

This MIG in Hargeisa is probably the only monument to see in the capital of republic of Somaliland.  It is something that symbolizes the long struggle that Somalilanders have faced.  Not only is it actually a Russian fighter plan that crashed while bombing the city, but it is also their war memorial to remind the people […]

This Somali Man Is Awesome

red beards, henna beards in Somalia, Somali beards, why do Somali men paint their beard's red

An ode to you Mr. Red Bearded Somali man Your red beard is almost as awesome as the sun, except you are more awesome.  Not only do you refuse to buy hair club for men, you paint your beard with red henna paint.  Why?  Because red henna paint is awesome, that’s why.  There are many […]