Somaliland Shillings: Somaliland

Money in Somaliland

This was one of the unique things about visiting Somaliland and one of the most common things that you will see as well. One dollar equals roughly 5000 Somaliland shillings, everyone does accept US dollars but when you pay for something and receive Shillings as change you’re going to get a massive amount of Shillings due to the exchange rate and the fact that the highest banknote is only a note of 500.  If you wanted to change $100 imagine the amount of bills that you would have in your pocket.  I plan on updating my travel guides for detailed information about how to get to Somaliland because I really enjoyed it and plan on going back to explore more of the coast.

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  1. That makes you look (and feel rich though). They had the opposite problem in Zimbabwe, where they kept printing bigger and bigger bills until they had a 100 Trillion Dollar bill. That really makes you feel rich.

    1. those were the days but we have improved in terms of local currency .now we have $5 zimbabwean equall to $5 US

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