Streets of Salento, Colombia

salento colombia

I present to you the streets of Salento, Colombia.  One of the coolest places in Colombia, Salento is the heart of the coffee region and was once a major traffic zone.  This is also where you can find the Valley of Cocora where you can find the tallest palm trees in the world.  Salento is one of the more popular small towns in the region but you can also visit pueblos (towns) not on the tourist trail which we found super interesting like Valparaisio, Chinchina, and Supia!

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    1. Really would depend if you are talking about living somewhere or actually visit. Cocora Valley is amazing and very impressive, Guatape which I consider the Switzerland of Colombia, if you like beaches would highly recommend the coast (things like Tayrona, etc). Tons of things to see here in Colombia

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