Sunset in Reykjavik, Iceland

Reykjavik Iceland

This sunset in Iceland is one of the first pictures that I took when I arrived in Reykjavik.  First say Reykjavik three times, now try again.  I couldn’t pronounce, nor spell, Iceland’s capital city when I first arrived if my life depended on it.  One of the things that was very unusual about my visit to Iceland was that it was only dark for a few hours.  Being so far north, Iceland at certain times of the year only receives a few hours of darkness.  I really like this picture because its so simple.

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  1. One of my favourite countries. The landscape and raw beauty of this place – and it’s people – is simply overwhelming. I love the boat sculpture too. Isn’t that outside the new Opera House?

  2. Wow, love this photo!

    I loved Iceland! We spent a week there earlier this year, it was amazing! We founds it pretty weird that the sun only went don for 3 hours too. We were there in ‘summer’ so it never really got completely black like elsewhere at 2am in the morning!

    Ive only recently come across your page so Im off to check out what other awesome stuff you have here 🙂

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