Sunset at the CN Tower: Toronto, Canada

Sunset in Toronto Canada

This picture was extremely hard to take since the CN Tower has glass windows that cause glares at this time of the day.  I took over 30 pictures because many of them have glares or even cables in the way, as the sun was going down the effect is magnified as the lights from the interior shine off the glass.  At the Empire State building, there is a section where you can stick your hand through the wire to take pictures, have a look at the this New York skyline shot taken around the same time of day.

If you ever have any issues trying to take similar pictures just place the actual lens up against the glass and that will allow you to take the picture without any glares.  The CN tower now offers a new attraction where you can hang off the edge of the tower and have pictures taken, definitely a must do in Toronto.

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  1. Great photo! A tip for next time, if you want to avoid the wires and the crowds: book a table in the revolving restaurant for the time before sunset. Then you can bypass the long waiting lines at the bottom and go through to the check-in desk for the restaurant. They have a separate elevator for restaurant guests. Also, you won’t have any wires in the way for pictures there. And an additional plus is that you can both savour the view and the food at the same time.

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