Swimming at the edge of the Devil’s Pool: Victoria Falls, Zambia

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The Devil’s Pool is the reason that I traveled almost two days starting at 12am to Victoria Falls.  This pool is absolutely incredible!  Getting there is a big task as you have to swim across the (kinda) mighty current of the Zambezi River.  They have a rope going across the river to catch you in case you decide to stop swimming and let the current take you.  There are tons of sharp and irregular shaped rocks to get around but once you arrive, WOW! The Devil’s Pool is literally at the edge of the falls and they do try to take every precaution possible by standing behind you as you swim. (Don’t look down!)

Click here to see more pictures of the Victoria Falls & check out the top 5 section for more things to do at the Victoria Falls & around the world.


  1. and dude, why are you putting links into articles to your homepage or a link back to the same article (like on this post)???  Seriously super uncool man and very annoying for a reader. It instantly makes me not trust your site and not to ever click on a link ever. Just saying and you can delete this comment if you want man.

    1. ah no its just when you click on that pic it takes you to a category of all the pics from the vic falls.. the other ones should be coming out soon its just thats the only of the falls right now.. thanks for looking out!

  2. Make sure that you go during the low season to visit the devil’s pool, its at the end of sept beg of oct when the water level is lowest.. other times of the year you can see the falls but you can’t jump into the devil’s pool since the water levels are so high

  3. Another one for the bucket List. Looks and sounds amazing.

    Ps…sorry for the all caps shouting…it appears my ipad has decided its smarter tan me.

  4. I’m looking forward to this on my trip to SA, Simbabwe, Victora Falls (Devil´s Pool) KNP, Joe-burg, Durban, Cape Town …in December 12 / January 13, cant wait! – Regards from Austria

  5. Hey Marcello, this is an incredible photo. Do you mind if I feature this post and photo in my Best Travel Experiences for September featuring the best blog posts? Let me know. Shoot me a note or find me on Twitter @mywanderlist


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