The Blue Lagoon In Iceland

Blue Lagoon in Iceland

This picture was taken at the entrance of the Blue Lagoon right before you sell your soul to enter.  A tourist trap by any definition, the Blue Lagoon in Iceland is very overpriced and they also have a salon and restaurant to please both your stomach and your urge to relax.  The actual experience was very unique as I have never been to a place like this.  Before you arrive you will drive through a very unique lava field.  Once your at the entrance they have created an artificial wall made out of the lava field to shield the lagoon.  You can read the review of the blue lagoon in Iceland by clicking here.

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  1. There are thermal baths, like the Blue Lagoon, available in a number of different places throughout the country. My only regret when I went to Iceland was that I wasn’t more stressed out — I think I would have more fully enjoyed the experience of the water!

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