The Maasai in Kenya

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I found the Maasai in Kenya to be an extremely interesting people.  They have a slew of rituals and practices that would be completely foreign to any tourist (one of the reasons they are so popular).  One of the things that I found fascinating was that some of the Maasai’s attend university in Nairobi.  Instead of getting used to the big city life with TV, internet, and common conveniences, many go back to their village to live simple lives.

When I asked a Maasai about this in Nairobi he said that life in the village is simpler than living in the big city; you don’t have to pay rent since the Maasai’s build their own houses, you don’t have to pay for food since they grow and catch their own, and no Nike’s needed as you can see above.  If you are ever in Kenya I would highly recommend that you visit the Maasai, whatever you do don’t go on a tour.  Many times tour companies will keep most of the money they charge for themselves, I’d rather give my money directly to the Maasai

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  1. Cool pictures and great piece. In deed some Maasai people prefer to live in the Manyattas just as you have posited with the exception of the few that ascribe to the city life.

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