The Most Beautiful Building in Buenos Aires: El Sanitario

Architecture in Buneos Aires

The most beautiful building in Argentina isn’t a museum, a mansion, or even an official government office, its the sanitary headquarters for the city.  The intricate details that you find around the building, called El Sanitario, is extremely impressive.  I never heard of this place until a taxi driver told me about the buildings that I had to see in the city with this at the top of his list.  You can find El Sanitario in one of the best areas of the city, Recoleta.

I wasn’t able to explore the interior of the building because we weren’t allowed in and were rushed out by well mannered Porteños (people from Buenos Aires). Buenos Aires is known for being similar to Paris in both the surroundings and the people as well, you can imagine how well mannered the French are.  Definitely would recommend that you check out El Sanitario when you are in Buenos Aires.

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  1. The place is called historically: Edificio Obras Sanitarias, as it s one of the base of the city watering supplier system. Now called Edificio AySA (Aguas y Saneamientos Argentinos). I do agree it s between the most amazing example of architecture in the city. Everybody should be able to enter inside, at least with the pretext of being user of the service! I live at 300mts from it.

  2. Going to BA in a few days. I will definitely check out this building as well as the rest of Recoleta. Still have more research to do as I plan my itinerary.

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