The Salt Flat Walk Way: Atacama Desert, Chile

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This was the walkway that you have to walk to see the flamingos that fly inbetween the ponds at the Salar De Atacama in the Atacama Desert in Chile.  The best time to see the flamingos is during the sunset as thats when they are most active.  There are sections of the Atacama desert where it hasn’t rained since recorded history started.

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  1. Cool shot! Did you see any flamingos? We visited the salt flats in Argentina and they were awesome. Lots of geometric patterns, and it looked like snow. Very different from this landscape!

    1. Thanks Leslie.. The Atacama salt flats are completely different than the salinas grandes in Argentina! You get to see a gorgeous sunset while they keep flying from lake to lake.. you have to go to Atacama! its amazing!!

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