This Somali Man Is Awesome

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An ode to you Mr. Red Bearded Somali man

Your red beard is almost as awesome as the sun, except you are more awesome.  Not only do you refuse to buy hair club for men, you paint your beard with red henna paint.  Why?  Because red henna paint is awesome, that’s why.  There are many reasons why people think that you paint your beard red, the more important question is why don’t you paint your mustache red.  Is that just a part of being awesome? Or is it because you heard that gray and red make an awesome combination?

You, Mr. Somaliland Man, have sharks dedicate a week to you.  The African hat that you wear is more than awesome, it’s super awesome.  The red henna paint could be for religious purposes or because you want to look younger.  You want to know the truth? No matter how old you are, you will always be awesome.  Cheers to you Mr. Red Bearded Somali Man.  Cheers to you.

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  1. In India and such having a henna beard can mean that your a widow… and in Muslim countries that you’ve recently been on the Haj… I doubt this guy has, nevertheless he does look cool! 🙂

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