Tower Bridge in London

tower bridge

Welcome to the Tower Bridge in London! This was my first time in London and I absolutely love it!  I didn’t get to spend as much time as I would have like in the city but the time that I was there I did fall them love with everything that I experienced. I was on my way to Eastern Africa before I lived in Ethiopia and Kenya when I was able to visit the city on a layover. Above you can see the Tower Bridge, everyone used to be able to go to the top of the bridge and see the city panoramic views of the city but we are no longer able to do that due to “security”. I have some funny stories about things that I saw in London that I will be sharing soon.

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  1. Your link to other London pics only sent me back here – which is a shame, as I’m sure you have some great photos. And your Stonehenge pics are only little blue question marks on my computer.

    Britain is lovely – and not all big houses! Yes, we have an impressive history and is shows in the architecture, but a visit to North Wales, the Lake District, or Cornwall will show we have some magnificent scenery as well. And our rural villages are a wonderful respite from all the mansions.

  2. London is great place to visit but as Jo Carroll mentions there is alot more to England that just London. Rural places like Shropshire make great places to escape to and absorb the great scenery.

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