Tucan in the Amazon-Galibi Nature Reserve, Suriname

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A Tucan from the Galibi Nature Reserve, Suriname

At the Galibi Nature Reserve in Suriname they have a completely open zoo available for those who select to come.  Normally people come for the sea turtles and if you have read my post on why environmentalists are the enemy you would see that this tour would have been completely wasted if it wasn’t for the zoo.  I was able to play with a few different kinds of monkeys and even the slow moving sloths!  I’d highly recommend you take the trip only to see the animals and really get to experience  on of the Amerindian villages in the region.

This guy was really curious and as I was reaching in to get a close shot of him he started to like my camera.   It as funny because he started banging his beak against my camera while I was snapping pictures.  Most of the pictures of him came out completely blurry because he kept hitting my camera! Another funny thing was the monkeys trying to chase them around good stuff.

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  1. i hope you named this toucan Sam – just sayin…. but its an awesome photo and seems like it was a fabulous experience! it must have taken you back to your childhood days – i would feel like i was in the lion king or something! 

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