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New York Times Square At Night

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Times Square in New York City is a place that is very unique, no other place like it in the world.  The sheer magnitude and bright lights will knock you off your feet once you step food in the square.  Even Canada tried to mimic Times Square by creating one of Toronto’s tourist attractions, Dundas Square, […]

The Don Cesar: The Pink Palace

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This marquee hotel lies on the beaches of St. Petersburg Beach, Florida.  It once was, and still is, a luxurious hotel offering many amenities to the exclusive elite.  It was originally envisioned by Thomas Rowe, he wanted to build what he called a pink castle.  To avoid sinking on the beach sand there was a […]

New York City Skyline at Night

New York City Skyline at Night

One of the most popular New York City tourist attractions is the Empire State building. It was the tallest building in the world for more than 40 years, giving you this incredible view of the skyline at night. Many people who travel to New York come to see the amazing views of the city’s bright […]

A Venetian mansion in Florida? Believe it!

A Venetian mansion in Florida? Believe it!

Many people think there aren’t many things to see in Florida.  To the contrary you can see the beauty in this mansion that was originally built for the Ringling family (recognize Ringling Bros Circus?).  The mansion was named after John Ringling, Ca d’Zan means “house of John” in Venetian Dialect.  Built with a Venetian Gothic style, the […]