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Uruguay’s Version Of The Twin Towers

twin towers uruguay, world trade center uruguay, world trade center montevideo

The impact of American culture never seems to escape me anywhere I go.  So far the country with the least American impact has been Brazil.  These two buildings are withing a complex which is rightly called the World Trade Center – Montevideo.  A side note is that the United States is one of the largest […]


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Plaza Independencia is one of the main squares that any tourist will cross touring the once glamorous city of Montevideo.  In the center of the plaza you will find a monument depicted the great General Artigas.  Once you snap a few pictures and continue walking you will find a set of stairs that lead you under the monument.  Its […]

Bull Fighting Ring in Uruguay

Bull fighting ring, Uruguay, Bull Fighting Ring

What you are seeing is the interior of an abandoned bull fighting ring in Uruguay.  The Plaza de Toros Real de San Carlos is currently blocked off because the building is crumbling.  How often do tourist obey do not enter signs?  I’m an avid fan of architecture and as you can see above at the right […]

Unique Sunset-Montevideo Uruguay

Unique Sunset-Montevideo Uruguay

This is the first and only time I have seen the sky like this.  The only other time I saw anything remotely close to this when when I saw the Northern Lights when I was seeing all the Iceland sightseeing.  I have never see a purple sunset.  I took about 7 of these pictures and […]