A Gondolier In Venice, Italy

A Gondolier In Venice

The Gondoliers in Venice are something else.  Some get really into their roles and others just allow you to enjoy the ride.  This picture was taken from the Accademia Bridge which crosses over the Grand Canal.  During sunsets one can take incredible pictures from this specific location.  Another unique feature of the bridge is that couples and those in love may purchase a lock and leave it on the bridge.  The symbol of unity can then be locked up on the bridge.  If you don’t have a lock fear not as there are a slew of Bangladeshi men to sell you an overpriced lock made in China.  Spend a few hours on the bridge getting great shots of a few different sunsets.  It really is true what they say about Venice.

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  1. It’s great visiting Venice… been there, loved it!
    I hear it’s very hard to become a gondolier and it’s a men-ruled job with only a single female gondolier working in Venice.

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