View From Above: Neko Harbour, Antarctica

Neko Harbour Antarctica

Neko Harbour in Antarctica is one of the stops that most Antarctica cruises visit.  While most people swim at Deception Bay, there were a handful of people in my tour group that decided to strip and jump in the water at Neko Harbour.  The view you are looking at is after a small hike up the nearby hill where you they create a small snow slide.  There is a massive glacier on the right which you can see the beginning of just behind the ship to the right.  Its really hard to explain the size of the icebergs but you can compare them to the size of the ship.

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  1. Did you go with GAP Adventures?  I remember being right there earlier this year and the slide down was one of the best experiences…well that and having a drink with real glacier ice 🙂

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