Walking a Lion in Livingston, Zambia

Walking a Lion, touching a lion, petting a lion

Walking a lion in Zambia!  Not petting a lion, not taking pictures of a lion up close, walking a lion (and holding on to it’s tail)!  When you get up close to the lions they are very intimidating.  They are absolutely massive and you have to take extra precautions like walking with a tiny stick that lion could chew through in a heart beat.  They are very social creatures and when you walk with them they consider you part of their pack.  It was great to see these guys play with each other and there was even a time when the male lion began to stalk and pounce on the female.

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  1. Do you remember how old was this lioness was? When I volunteered with lions we were only able to walk the ones that were under 18 months of age – because then the park claims they can be a bit too dangerous to be walking with the public. But this girl looks quite a bit older than the ones I worked with (the eldest being 19months old)… so I was just curious if you knew 😉

    1. Melissa… it was an older lioness.. if Im not mistaken over 18 months but I cannot remember exactly so dont quote me on that. You can ask the guys at Mukuni Big 5 safaris they would be happy to send over that info. I can tell you that they were young

  2. Hi these pictures are stunning! I would like to if there are any risks in walking with wild amimals. Are these animals drugged or there is a coach monitoring them? Are there any prvious incidents of attacks from the animals? Thanks a lot for reading my comment.

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