Welcome to the Sushi Hangover: Team Medellin Style

I have about a month left in Colombia and I will remember nothing more than the sushi hangovers every Tuesday. I am not only a fanatic of Sushi but I have become quite accustomed to a sushi hangover.

  • Sushi Hangover – When your stomach is about to explode from eating too much sushi
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One of my favorites

At Sushi Light in the Sante Fe mall a group of strapping young men get together for Sushi Night. Known as Team Medellin, they are a group of rambunctious, loud, and obnoxious white souls that devour the sushi racks.

The whole concept of going to Sushi Light every Tuesday is to not only annoy the wait staff with our ginormous orders of sushi but also because its 2 for 1! What is funny is that all of us stick out like sore thumbs. We are yelling and laughing in a foreign language while the size of a single order for one person is more than double what an entire Colombian family would order. A family of four would order 2 plates of sushi which equals 20 rolls total (10 rolls per plate).  A three person table would order just 1 roll and get one free, two total on one plate.

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One Colombian Family Order, One Team Medellin Member Order

Team Medellin however has a total of 4 plates per 1 person. 40 rolls of deliciousness scraping the palette of finely manicured white men. The actual wait staff laugh every time that we walk into the restaurant since they have never seen people eat so much sushi. The Padrihno (godfather) himself once ordered a $60 plate of sushi by accident that covered an entire corner of the table.

The tables generally seat 4 and once all the plates are on the table we can barely fit our drinks and wasabi. The service recently got much busier so I have begun to even order two drinks when they take our orders. So not only are we pigs when we eat sushi but when we order drinks to.

sushi light, sushi in medellin, sushi in colombia

Sushi Light in Medellin

For the weird person that doesn’t love sushi they also have wraps. If you decide to get 1 order of wraps you get 2 massive plates of 8 wraps, 4 being free. The most formidable Team Medellin member, the Jack-uum cleaner, eats all of the wraps to everyone’s amazement every single time.

They are bit messy so he looks like a Tasmanian devil trying to eat an entire animal family. It gets so messy that last time we went to sushi night the waitress purposely put a huge stack of napkins in front of the Jack-uum Cleaner. He tries to finish the wraps every time since he gets a Team Medellin high five every time he does.

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The infamous Jack-uum Cleaner Wraps

If you are ever in Medellin I’d highly recommend you try 2 for 1 sushi Tuesday’s at Sushi Lite in the Sante Fe Mall. You can either take the metro or a cab, just walk to the 3rd floor and walk opposite the giant atrium.  Soda’s are very expensive at roughly $1.80 a piece at Sushi Lite so to counteract this I usually order two.  The wraps above will be more than enough for any man or women and you can often take them home and eat them for seconds and thirds.  They don’t like to split bills so make sure you keep track of what you are ordering.  The way it works is you pay for the highest sushi roll and the cheapest is free.  Check out this cool video of flaming sushi in Colombia.

Most of the members of Team Medellin will be leaving in the beginning of August, we will live vicariously through you.



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