Travel Exercise: What you need to know

It is hard enough to try and workout when you are at home and have easy access to a gym but what about when you are travelling?  You are going to be caught in a tail spin from being tired and getting acquainted with your new surroundings.  Not to mention you are going to want to attend plenty of parties and do plenty of sightseeing.  So how exactly are you going to keep in shape?  Travel exercise is really not that hard once you understand the basics of staying in shape.  Whether you are on a 2 week vacation or an around the world trip, coming up with a travel work out is easy; you don’t need a gym and you certainly don’t need weights.

What you need is willpower and to get your lazy but off the couch.  One thing that you won’t have to do is any aerobic exercise; running, sprinting, burning your sneakers.  You are going to be doing plenty of walking to last you months.  A big part of exercise is watching what you put in your mouth, make sure that you keep the sweets, desserts, and fried crickets to a minimum.  The key to a good travel diet is moderation (I don’t know if fried crickets are fattening but I think you would agree you should keep those to a minimum).  Try to stay away from sugars; ie: candy, soda, fried crickets.  When you intake a surge of sugar from food your body stops producing a chemical that helps you burn fat.  Here is an example of a good exercise you can do while traveling:

To maximize your time and efficiency your travel work out is going to focus on a full body workout with supersets.  A superset is when you do two exercises back to back.  To be even more effective you’re going to switch between upper body and lower body, by doing your travel work out this way one part of your body will rest while you work another part.  You are going to use your own body weight and for additional difficulty you can use a backpack with weights, a purse, anything you can find really (I used a milk gallon jug filled with water once).  So a workout can be 15 squats plus 20 pushups right after.  Rest for 30 seconds to a minute and then repeat twice.

Leg Workouts:

Squats, Lunges, 1 legged lunges, jumping squats, and jumping lunges

Chest Work outs:

Regular Pushups, Elevated pushups (incline or decline), jumping pushups, 1 arm

Back Exercises:

Pull ups with arms at different lengths

Ab exercises – See video below: