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Dancing With a Penguin in Punta Tombo, Argentina

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Welcome to the Punta Tombo Penguin Colony in Punta Tombo, Argentina.  Here you will find the largest Magellanic Penguin Colony in the world and they happen to be so used to people that you can walk right up to them and dance with them.  I don’t know if you would call it dancing but this was […]

Learning How To Speak Argentinian Spanish

Learning How To Speak Argentinian Spanish is very easy if you know how to speak regular Spanish.  The Spanish dialect found in Argentina is influenced heavily by both the Italian language and customs.  Another very unique trait of Spanish in Argentina is how they pronunciate different vowels.  There are some different words used in Argentina that […]

Alpine Slide (Tobaggon) In Bariloche, Argentina

I stumbled onto this Alpine by accident walking back from seeing the chocolate museum (that you really shouldn’t see).  I actually rode the Alpine slide about 3 times because it was so much fun.  The dog that you see in the video actually chased me down the hill on the slide and was extremely playful. […]


Punta Tombo is one of the largest Magellan Penguin Colonies in the world.  Your able to get very close to the penguins and take pictures of them while you are literally inches away.  The best part is that since they have been around humans for so long they are not afraid and will stay perfectly still when […]

Diving with Sea Lions – Puerto Madryn, Argentina

This is one of the coolest experiences that I have ever had.  I’ve never scuba dived in my life and these guys were just kind enough to let me go full fledged scuba with about 5 minutes worth of training.  Puerto Madryn is a mecca for any animal lover and whether you want to get […]

Bungee Jumping Argentine Style

Spanish isn’t very different around world in comparison to other languages.  There are some countries in the world where two people from different provinces may not understand each other.  Spanish, and even Argentina Spanish, is roughly the same words with different accents.  There may be some words exclusive to a certain region or country but […]

Argentina Spanish: Taking a Leak in the Jungle

This video was during my ride out in the delta between Uruguay and Argentina.  There is a massive community that lives on these islands and when the tides drops you can actually walk from Buenos Aires to Uruguay.  Def a must see when you are visiting Argentina and Buenos Aires.  Dont forget to check out […]

Food in Argentina: Stuff your face with Dulce de Leche

Dulce de Leche, if you didn’t know, is a very popular item when it comes to food in Latin America. Its no exception when you talk about the food in Argentina either. They serve dulce de leche with dessert, coffee, and they even put it in pastries throughout bakeries in the country. My attempt at […]

Enjoying a Soccer Game in Argentina

Freshly after the win in the World Cup, Spain comes to Argentina to play an exhibition game.  It was played at the monumental stadium near the university and it was a great game.  Argentina takes its soccer extremely seriously and even though Spain didn’t play the majority of its starters, Argentina came out with the big guns. […]