CN Tower: Watching the Yankees game at 1,800 feet

I really wanted to go back to New York City to see a Yankees game before I left North America.  I think everyone should go see a game in the Bronx since its one of the great american pastimes.  I was still able to see the New York City skyline and other parts of the city especially one my favorites: the Wall Street Bull.  The CN Tower is comparable to the Empire State Building but you cant watch a baseball game from 1,800 feet in New York City.  I literally sat there for a while and watched the game with the zoom on my camera.  The Roger’s center in Canada is where the Blue Jays play and it is constructed right next the CN Tower, one of the most popular things to do in Toronto.  You can also get a great pic of the famous tower from ground level on the CN Tower Toronto Attractions post.

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