United States tourist attractions attract the 2nd most tourists in the world behind France.  The fall of the United States dollar has brought tourists flocking to the states.  Not only is it more affordable for travelers but many foreigners have decided to buy real estate as well.  A favorite American past time is taking an American Road Trip.  Americans aren’t big on mass transit so many travelers will have to acclimate to the American way of traveling.

Orlando, Florida & the Disney Complex:

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The Magic Kindom Castle

Disney World defines the things to do in the United States.  The place where dreams come true for both big kids and little kids.  The Disney World Complex has expanded into an array of parks, nightlife, and shopping turning Orlando into Disney Heaven.  The amusement capital of the world offers attractions for the entire family or for the young adult.  The entire city is centered around tourism which is great for all visitors.


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New York Stock Exchange in New York City

The tourist attractions in the United States usually either begin or end with the New York City.  The city that never sleeps offers an array of things to do including a non-stop nightlife, an excellent world-class theater district, fashion, history, and not to mention some of the best museums in the world.  The famous Central Park is a hit with both tourists and natives of the city.  Times Square will truly take your breathe away and once you are there (even at night) you will see how much larger than life it truly is.  Don’t forget to check out the statue of liberty, Wall Street, and watch the amazing views of the New York City Skyline from the Empire State Building.

Los Angeles & San Francisco:

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The Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco

California on its own is one of the top 10 largest economies in the world.  Hollywood, located in Los Angeles, is world re-known for star watching and home of the entertainment capital of the world.  You can find great natural wonders only hours from some of the major cities, big city congestion in Los Angeles, amazing nightlife and food, and a very unique China towns as well.  With a plethora of fun things to do in San Francisco, the Golden Gate City is a home away from home for the art crowd and those who love perfect weather.  Don’d forget to check out the Napa Valley where you can find some great wines!

Washington D.C:

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The White House – Home to the President of the United States

The capital of the United States offers an array of options including learning about the history of the country.  The city is a multi faceted political powerhouse that offers some of the most exclusive options for the lucky few.  One of the few cities in the United States that can offer a huge array of cultural options.  The city also is home to many different cultures which is an experience itself.  Make sure to check out the Washington D.C nightlife which transforms the city at night.

Las Vegas & Surrounding Area

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What happens in Vegas Stays in Vegas

What else can you say about famous Las Vegas?  You can gamble your life saving away on the famous Las Vegas Strip but you can also find the gateway to the American Southwest.  These United States tourist attractions are the some of the most famous in the world which include Grand Canyon, Death Valley, Bryce Canyon and Zion National Park.  Both a rich man and a poor man can have an amazing time in Vegas with world acclaimed shows, impressive dining, luxury resorts, and what everyone comes to Vegas for; the Nightlife and Gambling.

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