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Venezuela’s tourist attractions are not known by many people, instead many know the country for the rich black gold that lays in the East as well as an energetic president.  What people don’t know is that there are an incredible amount of things to do in the country.

During your visit to Venezuela you can find excellent scuba diving, the highest falls in the world, the unique lightning show seen nowhere in the world, and even the small unique city known for its tourist attractions.

The once bustling country has not had the best economic times as of late so please have extra caution during your visit since crime is worsening every year.  You can find safety in small areas like my home town of Merida and even the island of Margarita.  Be very careful if traveling to Caracas.  Here are the top 5 Venezuela travel attractions:

Pico Bolivar, Merida, pico bolivar merida

A church during the climb to the top

Merida & Pico Bolivar:

The gateway to the Andes, you should visit this city because I was born there.  It is a quaint city that is home to the highest point in the Andes Mountains in Venezuela: Pico Bolivar (still not the reason why you should visit).  The city has perfect weather year round as it lies in a valley and is known as a university city with plenty of nightlife (nope still not the reason).  The highest cable car in the world? Nope still not it.  Great outdoor activities like hiking, climbing, waterfalls, and a plentiful forrest? Nope. You should visit Merida because it is awesome. That’s it.

Isla de margarita, margarita venezuela, margarita, pictures of venezuela, margarita island, margarita venezuela

The barren beaches on Margarita Island

Margarita Island (La Isla Margarita):

This is one of the most popular things to do during your Venezuela travel.  It is an island that sits just north of the Venezuelan coastline that is a popular getaway for locals as well as tourists.  The crisp blue waters will remind you of the Bahamas and the breathtaking scenery will make you want to come back every year.  The endless nightlife will punish your inhibitions as well as your plastic with duty free shopping.  There are at least 50 magnificent beaches to explore with the most popular being Playa Puerto Cruz.  Windsurfing is world reknown as well as great opportunities to dive and snorkel.  Don’t forget to see sightsee the Castle of la Asuncion and Juen Griego.

The Capital City of Caracas

Caracas Skyline, caracas venezuela, caracas, caracas altamira, pictures of caracas, pictures venezuela

The skyline of Caracas from Altamira

Caracas is blessed with an immense about of history as some of the most important men in South America were born there.  It is the political and financial capital of the country and at one point in history it was a favorite destination for travelers around the world.  Due to political and economic problems poverty and crime have become rampant issues in the city.  There is an incredible cable car ride where you can access the mountain and see incredible views of the city.  The nightlife will astound you and the arts have also been given some praise, dont forget to visit Hotel Humboldt which lies high on the mountainside.  Make sure to keep an extra level of caution due to the current state  of the city.

Angel Falls & The Amazon:

Angel Falls, highest waterfall in the world, largest waterfalls in the world

A view of Angel Falls from the base

The Angel Falls are the highest waterfalls in the world and are hiding deep within Venezuela’s Canaima National Park.  The best time to visit the Angel falls is well debated due to the fact that’s it well within the jungle.  The rainy season can be almost impossible to see due to cloud cover and overflowing and the dry season can be disappointing with only a trickle coming down devil’s mountain.

After contacting a tour guide who lives in the region the best time is in spring around February or possibly May.  Most activities in the area need a guide and most tourists spend 3 nights and 2 days to see the falls.

The Amazon is one of the most unique ecosystems on our planet.  Venezuela is actually home to the world’s largest rodent (largest rat), the chupacabra (kidding).  It’s actually called the Capybara and its large and ugly but I digress.  There are tons of unique animals to discover.

You can encounter dolphins, flowers, anything the nature tourist desires!  Anaconda’s are also very popular in this region be assured they are not venomous.

Sand Dunes at Los Medanos de Coro National Park:

Medanos de Coro, sand dunes venezuela, coro venezuela, coro sand dunes, venezuela tourist attractions

Sand Dunes (Medanos de Coro) in Venezuela

Sand in the tropics? Really? YES!  Many people don’t even know that the sand dunes exist in Venezuela.  The dunes are just north of the small town called Coro which is an incredible place to see Spanish colonial architecture in its true form.  Is there anything else to do in Coro you ask? Not so much.  The sand dunes are in constant movement as they are created by the trade winds coming from West.  The Mesquite plant’s root systems catch retain massive quantities of sand stopping the flow of the wind.